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Voice of Talent

Are you looking for professional voice over talent?
Looking for affordability and versatility?  You've found her.

SEE Katie bring some zany cartoon characters to life, or listen to her variety of demos, below!


Clips shown are from multiple projects. Used with permission of Foster Animation and CrossTimber Animation 740-984-2583.

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Katie Dehnart

Voiceover, Narration, Audio Books, Radio Drama and Character Voices

With a 19-year career of providing professional voice services, Katie Dehnart offers her creative talent with the skills and studio to deliver professional, vibrant voices that breathe life into your project.  Suited with the qualities that are desired and needed by any professional director or producer, Katie has consistently delivered colorful quality in every take.  Armed with an

arsenal of character voices, Katie excels in performances with multiple accents, vocal ranges and the capability of believably delivering male and female voiceover roles.  Her signature creative flair combined with her flexible openness to critique and direction are a winning blend to give you exactly the voice you need, in the time frame that you need it.


New: Katie's villianous voices have been collected into this demo!  Take a listen!


Katie has worked for clients around the globe, servicing both the common voice over markets, like t.v. and radio advertising, audio books and animated character voices, as well as the more unique voice markets, like website narration, phone system prompts, video game voices and even vocal effects for creature sounds and battle grunts.  With her wide range of characters, she is known to sometimes perform an entire cast of animated characters within the same show!  Her work has been heard through such companies as ICR (International Christian Response), Dreamweaver Productions, Unique Vision Media, London author JE Trevillian, Misfits Audio, and many more! The fact is that more than 9 out of 10 of Katie's clients are repeat customers, which is clear evidence that she has something unique and significant to offer.

The importance of PROFESSIONAL voiceover in business advertising and audio projects.

Hiring a professional is a key component to any successful audio or video project.  An unexemplary voice performer who lacks the proper equipment, or worse, someone who simply doesn't play well with others can seriously damage the effectiveness of your production.  In some cases, a poor delivery or recording can even have a negative effect on your advertising campaign or audio project.  The last thing you want is someone who just can't take correction or doesn't have the right attitude for teamwork.


A professional voice artist excels in the art of voice inflection, emotion, and professional delivery of her lines and characters.   It's not just a recording of a script when you work with Katie Dehnart, it's a whole new world.  Real voiceover is about being able to take the listener on a journey through their mind's eye. Whether it's conveying an advertising message or immersing your listener into an audio book world, Katie Dehnart provides a truly captivating, professional delivery.


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